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[wtp-pmc] Request approval for documentation bugs

I'd like to request the approval of several documentation bugs. As you know, documentation is a requirement for the declaration of API. There are also currently many parts of the user documentation that are out of date due to the late UI changes in WTP.

The following are the current bugs I'd like approval for:

117755 maj P2 Extension point documentation missing for many plug-ins
118677 nor P1 updated files for org.eclipse.jst.ejb.doc.user plugin
118716 nor P1 Need updates to XML tools docs put in WTP 1.0
119055 nor P1 Documentation for project creation topics incorrect; remo...
119090 nor P1 NON WTP Help files must be deleted
119103 nor P1 2 more files document files that need to be deleted
119107 nor P1 attached modified doc files need to replace existing ones
119121 nor P1 3 file update for wtp documention (sse.doc)

This list is available from bugzilla at

Do not be alarmed by the number of bugs. Bug 117755 contains a few fixes for the ISV documentation build as well as updates to extension point schema files. The rest of the changes are static changes to documentation HTML files and table of contents (XML) files.

I can discuss any concerns about these bugs on the PMC call tomorrow morning.


Lawrence Mandel

Software Developer
IBM Rational Software
Phone: 905 - 413 - 3814   Fax: 905 - 413 - 4920

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