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Re: [wtp-pmc] How to add JSF components in Bugzilla?


 The JSF probject has been moved from Technology to Webtools in Bugzilla.


Bjorn Freeman-Benson wrote:

This is because we accidentally created the JSF Bugzilla component under Technology instead of WebTools. I'm in cc'ing the webmasters on this email so that they can fix this.

Denis, Matt,
Could you move the JavaServer Faces component from Technology to Webtools (in Bugzilla)? Thanks.

Raghu Srinivasan wrote:


I would like bugzilla to be enabled to track enhancements and bugs on the JSF project. Currently, I don't see any entry for JSF in the Components list under WebTools. Is this because the JSF project is still in incubation?

I got the following note when the project was provisioned.

/5. Bugzilla
Your bugzilla project, components, versions and milestones have been
created. The components belong to the following dummy e-mail addresses:

Owner: jsf.core-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx
Owner: jsf.ui-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx

If you wish to receive Bugzilla mail for these components, simply add
the dummy addresses to your watch list (Prefs/Email settings in bugzilla) /

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