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[wtp-pmc] proposed rampdown calendar / release critiera for WTP 1.0 release

Post M9:

  • Any API changes (addition, deletion, or modification) require PMC approval
  • All checkins require a Bugzilla entry
  • PMC will review defect convergence on a weekly basis (daily as needed during final RC candidate production)


Between M9 and RC1:

  • All P1 bugs addressed, all P2 bugs reviewed for fix need prior to RC1 production
  • No API or infrastructure changes; updates to UI ok


November 25:

  • RC1 produced
  • Bug fixes and UI changes only (versus M9)
  • All checkins must have Bugzilla entry
  • Component lead must code review and approve all fixes (enter into Bugzilla record and checkin notes)


December 2:

  • RC2 produced
  • Same rules as above, plus P1/2 only can be addressed
  • Changes communicated to wtp-dev mailing list


December 9:

  • RC3 produced
  • P1 only can be addressed
  • Component lead and PMC must approve all changes (versus RC2)
  • All changes communicated to wtp-dev mailing list


December 16:

  • 1.0 GA release by renaming RC3
  • If ship-killer (no workaround) defects are discovered in RC3, we will produce an RC4 and restart the one-week test period


Release criteria:

  • No P1’s admitted (i.e., no ship-killer defects known)
  • All automated tests passing on final RC
  • Tier-1 platforms have been tested
  • All component leads sign off on individual components
  • PMC votes to release


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