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[wtp-pmc] I-Build Declared

Most component leads have approved the build  I-I20051028-200510280017 with the exception of Der Ping.  There has not been significant activity in that component or any known test failures.  Therefore, I declare the build  ready.    Thanks to everyone who worked to get this build done.

Please be warned that there are  certain workarounds for the problems described in the following components:

  1. EAR wizard add default modules is not adding the modules properly to the EAR.  The workaround is to use the J2EE modules property sheet to add/remove modules.  (
  2. There also seems to be no java container added to the EJB project if you select IBM WebSphere as your runtime.  
  3. (
  4. Publish runtime looks okay, publishing to IBM WebSphere fails, but other servers like Tomcat or Jonas work.
  5. (
  6. The Web services smoke tests (the 4 Web services tutorials) passed except for the workaround required to create the service and client projects first before going through the Web service and Web services client wizard (defect 114044).
  7. Please note that the Web services performance tests are not functional yet with this week's driver due to project creation refactorings required in the Web services code.  These tests should be functional in next week's I-build.
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