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Re: [wtp-pmc] Plan for moving to M3 based builds?

I would like formally :-) voice my concerns I spoke about earlier,

1) I would like to wait until M9 to join the train. I believe the plan suggested below is ok from that perspective. 2) Branching for v3.2 - I would like to avoid any formal branching of the components other than releng (to change the dependency to v3.2) prior to R1.0. The reason is that R1 is for 3.1.1 and we shoudl focus on it. What I mean by "formal" is I wouldn't want to support two verisons of the code prior to R.1. Ofcourse and committer can try thingfs on their own branch (not recommended but this would be their choice)

Post R.1 I would suggest that we branch a R1.0.1 manitanence branch for 3.1.1 , and switch to v3.2 for the HEAD development....

Funny, but our WTP M9 is 11/18 :) I'd like to recommend we begin M3-based
builds on 11/21, thus having our first M3 based I-build
on Friday, 11/25 (allowing the usual 1 week of warm up, even though there's
two day's of holidays for us here in U.S.).

While we will be VERY busy with the final stages of Release 1,
I think that'd give us some time and some hope to fix any easy and obvious bugs with base M3 by the
time we release 1.0 (for 3.1.1.) on 12/15.

12/16 is the time base M4 comes out, so that should also make our adoption of M4 less painful, and would be nice to have some statement "that only moderatly
tested, but our 1.0" works on M3".

Of course, none of this official "join-the-train-via-builds" rules out individual
developers or community taking an "early" look, pulling our code into
an M2 based environment, and fixing things or making changes so that
things are compatible for both 3.1.1 and 3.2 stream -- but, so far, know of
no need to produce a build prior to 11/25. Guess that would be our
"Thanksgiving milestone" ... if that's not too "American" :)

Any thoughts? I'm assuming this is still plan for Eclipse Train.



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