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[wtp-pmc] Proposed Modification to WTP Charter Regarding Draft Standards.

PMC Members,

I'd like to discuss this today. Tim reported that there were some objections to the wording at the last members meeting. I'd like to propose a new wording and get agreement from the PMC, then we should all review it with our companies to ensure no more objections remain.

Here is the wording with the modifications proposed by Mike Milinkovich.

"WTP may implement draft standards provided that the scope of the final version remains consistent with this Charter, and provided that the relevant standards body will grant Eclipse sufficient rights to the draft specification to implement them in a manner consistent with a transparent open source project. "

Here is my proposed wording:

"WTP may implement a draft standard at the time that the relevant standards body requests public review or feedback based on implementation experience, e.g. a W3C Candidate Recommendation [1] or a JCP Public Draft [2],  provided that the domain of the standard is within the scope of WTP as defined by this Charter and that the relevant standards body has published the draft standard under licence terms that allow it to be implemented in a manner consistent with a transparent Open Source project."


Arthur Ryman,
IBM Software Group, Rational Division

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