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[wtp-pmc] Agenda for September 27th telecon


  • Community update
    1. Update no website reorg.
  • Architecture update
    1. Multi-module discussion to occur next week, led by Chuck
    2. Update on Feature reorg
    3. Other topics
  • 0.7.1 status
    1. Ready to release?
  • 1.0 planning
    1. M8 declared – anything left? (N&N?)
    2. M9 component plans in place?
    3. When to resurrect PMC review of API and defect progress for 1.0.
    4. Buddy system for API signoff?
    5. Review of major feature work targeted for M9.
  • JSF project status update
  • Additional topics (send me email if you have something specific in mind and I’ll update the agenda)


Jochen sent his regrets for this meeting.


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