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[wtp-pmc] DTP PMC meeting minutes for 8/17

John Graham (Sybase)
Karl Reti (Sybase)
Wenfeng Li (Actuate)
Arthur Ryman (IBM, WTP PMC)


> Arthur has posted a good summary in the following message to the WTP PMC
mailing list:

In the following points, I will expand on Arthur's notes.

> DTP release projections: The high-level project plan had DTP making a 0.N
release just before EclipseCon 2006. Arthur mentioned that a following
release in June 2006 would synchronize DTP with the Eclipse 3.2 train, and
would allow WTP to integrate DTP in their 1.5 release. The June release
likely would concentrate on API promotion (that is, meeting 1.0
requirements) and seems feasible at first glance. The DTP community will
consider this plan, and make a decision about whether to commit to it in
the near future.

> ORM functional area: On behalf of the DTP PMC, I'd like to second
Arthur's comments about not wanting to carry two incompatible ORM stacks
forward. The DTP PMC will work with all parties involved to reach an
acceptable solution, and to insure that DTP provides functionality required
in support of such a unified ORM stack.

> Connectivity: We discussed the DTP Connectivity frameworks and found a
number of points  where both projects would benefit from working closely
together in this area. John has taken an action item to get the initial
framework snapshot into DTP CVS so it can be evaluated by WTP and others.
We expect that this initial snapshot will contain provisional and limited
working components, given the time frames and pending integration with
DTP/Model Base, but it should at least serve to indicate design and
extension points for community review. In addition, we will provide
documentation explaining the architecture and intentions of these

> Communication Channels: We agreed that communication between DTP and WTP
is important going forward. DTP will be forming architecture, planning, and
requirements councils in the near future, and we would be happy to include
WTP members in these councils. Likewise, DTP seeks membership on WTP
councils: specifically, John would like to attend (even if as an observer)
the WTP architecture and requirements councils.

> Opportunities to meet in person: John and Karl will be at the Eclipse
Council meetings in Cambridge, EclipseWorld in New York, and the Eclipse
members' meeting in Chicago. It seems that EclipseWorld will be
well-attended by WTP members, and thus represents a good chance to discuss
WTP/DTP collaboration further.

Other items:

> Wenfeng Li is stepping down from the DTP PMC and will be replaced by
Linda Chan (Actuate). On behalf of the PMC, I'd like to thank Wenfeng for
his contributions to DTP, and we look forward to working with Linda.

> Project leads have been designated, and projects have been staffed with
committers. In the coming weeks, the PMC will be working closely with the
project teams to flesh out project plan in line with the high-level

> John continues to work on the build system for DTP.

> Various updates to the DTP site are needed, specifically information
about the DTP repository location. John will make these updates this week.

** The DTP PMC meetings will not be held next week (8/24, Eclipse Council
meetings) and the week after (8/31, EclipseWorld). The meetings will resume
as usual on 9/7. **

John Graham

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