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[wtp-pmc] WTP-DTP Interlock

I attended the DTP PMC telecon today. We had a productive meeting and discussed several issues of mutual interest. John Graham will distribute minutes. Here is my summary:

1. Migration of WTP Data Tools to DTP

DTP has published a draft plan. [1] They plan to have a 0.n release in March for EclipseCon 2006, followed by an API-promoting 1.0 release on the Eclipse 3.2 train in June. If this plan gets committed, then we should start picking up DTP milestones in early 2006 and be fully migrated for the WTP 1.5 release, i.e. we would not ship the WTP Data tools in WTP 1.5.

2. JSR 220 Proposals

We agreed that since WTP and DTP are the likely consumers of the Oracle and Versant Technology projects, that we should work with these projects to help them adopt common components in any areas of overlap so we can integrate them in the future. We believe that these projects will address complementary aspects of JSR 220, but we need these to integrate to provide a common solution. We agreed that we do not want to carry two incompatible ORM stacks into the future.

3. Formal Communication Channels

We agreed that we should establish a formal communication mechanism, possibly by membership in each other's PMCs or Architecture and Requirements groups.

4. Connection Framework

DTP has a connection framework which might be useful in WTP server tools. DTP will check in this code to CVS soon and would like us to assess it.

5. EclipseWorld

John Graham and Karl Reti will be at EclipseWorld. We should meet there to discuss these issues further.


Arthur Ryman,
IBM Software Group, Rational Division

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