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[wtp-pmc] Clarification on Eclipse 3.1 Maintenance Schedule

Here's the actual plan [1]. In my previous note I assigned actual months to these dates.

Please revise my earlier suggestion to read that WTP 1.0 should move to Eclipse 3.1.1 when it is available, and we should plan to have a WTP 1.0.1 soon after Eclipse 3.1.2 is available.

Eclipse Project
3.1 Maintenance Release Schedule

Last revised June 29, 2005 ( marks interesting recent changes)

Eclipse 3.1 (
plan) is the current major release of the Eclipse Project. We plan to fix critical "stop ship" defects in 3.1 and periodically produce 3.1.x maintenance releases incorporating the accumulated fixes. Non-critical problems will generally be addressed only in the next major release of Eclipse (3.2), which is the principal focus of the Eclipse development teams.

The maintenance schedule for Eclipse 3.1.x is as follows:

Release date
June 28, 2005 initial release (release notes)
Fall 2005 maintenance release fixing critical "stop ship" defects in 3.1.0
Winter 2006 maintenance release fixing critical "stop ship" defects in 3.1.1

Once Eclipse 3.2 ships, it's unlikely that there would be additional 3.1.x releases.


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