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Re: [wtp-pmc] Proposal for Shutting Down Future Releases


As far as I understood the process this is how things should have worked for 0.7. RC1 was supposed to require component owner approval, RC2 was supposed to require approval from a PMC member, and post RC2 was supposed to require approval of the whole PMC (as it, for the most part, did).I think the problem was with enforcement of the policy rather than with the policy itself and the policy timelines work as you suggest they should. RC2 was very open for bug fixing allowing for a lot of fluctuation in the code and the introduction of new problems as many people rushed to fix bugs. I suggest the shutdown process be made clear to all WTP developers early on and that the process be enforced and not relaxed during the 1.0 shutdown period. This will require the help of the component leads.

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07/29/2005 09:01 AM

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[wtp-pmc] Proposal for Shutting Down Future Releases

It's great that we made our date with WTP 0.7, but we are shipping freshly built code that may have problems that were introduced at the last minute. I'd therefore like to propose a policy for future releases.

I suggest that we allow a minimum of 1 week to elapse between the time we build our final release candidate and the time we declare it. This means that we automatically add 7 days to the date of the build before we officially release it. Furthermore, we do not rebuild it just to create the final version. We actually ship the 7-day old version, so it should be created with the final file names, etc. (No RC1, etc.  in the names).

During the 7 day period, we test the code and create a list of serious known problems. If we decide that this list is too long or bad, we fix the errors and reset the clock.

The benefit of this process is that we ship something with known quality. I believe it is better to do that than ship something with last minute changes, and hope for the best.

Arthur Ryman,
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