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RE: [wtp-pmc] Request for a 0.7 maintenance release


I hope WTP 0.7 will be completely insensitive to the Eclispe 3.1 version. We should only permit NL fixes.

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RE: [wtp-pmc] Request for a 0.7 maintenance release

I spoke to John Wiegand today about the timing of 3.1.1. He described their current schedule as “October or November”. This implies significant risk of our 0.7.1 slipping into the rampdown phase for 1.0, and it would be prudent to instead consider shipping 0.7.1 earlier and on top of 3.1.

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[wtp-pmc] Request for a 0.7 maintenance release


I would like to request for a 0.7 maintenance release. The purpose of this request is to deliver a high quality set of language packs to the WTP community. It can also be used for critical "stop ship" bugs found in 0.7.

Problem description:

Over the pass week, we have about 50 new translation related bugs opened against WTP (28 major and 20 normal). These bugs mainly fall into 2 categories, they are: strings that are not externalized and truncations in the UI. I was able to talk to some the TVT testers, and the consent is that some of these bugs are high user impact. For example, a table is truncated in such a way that a user cannot select anything in the table. This renders the table (or even the wizard) useless. To help non-English adopt WTP more easily, we should get these bugs fixed. I've create a query on the bug status page that shows all the translation related bugs that are still opened[1].


In the pass, other Eclipse projects have used maintenance releases to roll out fixes for translation bugs. After talking to people from other projects, here's what they have in plan:

Eclipse 3.1.1 - Fall 2005 (likely end of Sept) [2]

EMF - Mid to late Sept (after Eclipse 3.1.1)

GEF - Shortly after Eclipse 3.1.1

VE - Weren't able to contact them

I would like to request that we do something similar. Roll out a 0.7.x maintenance release a week or two after our pre-reqs release theirs.

Other issues:

1. Creating a maintenance release means developer will need to retrofit changes from the 0.7 branch to the HEAD branch. This shouldn't be too hard, and we have to do it sooner or later. So this should be a good opportunity for us to start working with multiple code streams.

2. Teach the build script to build from the 0.7 branch. This should be easy.

3. More testing and etc... If we really limit ourselves to critical fixes, then this should not introduce too much churn to the 1.0 release.




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