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Re: [wtp-pmc] proposed charter revisions

Fair enough.

The only point that probably need clarification is evolution of standards. For instance, in the case of EJB specifications, we want to make sure that we support EJB2 before we propose anything regarding EJB3, and that we maintain support of EJB1 and EJB2 for a period of time that match application developer expectations.


On Jul 19, 2005, at 4:03 PM, Tim Wagner wrote:

The current Charter is unclear on whether WTP can implement APIs or tools that are in the process of being standardized, but for which the standard is not yet complete. For instance, EJB 3.0 is still in draft form, but no one (to my knowledge) would argue that it's not within WTP's scope to work on it. Since standards define much of our scope/surface area, this was just to ensure that there are no arguments in the future about the state of the standard w.r.t. our producing implementations of it.

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Going through my email.... I am not sure to understand the sentence:
"WTP may implement draft standards provided the final version remains
consistent with this Charter."
Can you tell me what the intent is?

On Jul 19, 2005, at 4:18 AM, Tim Wagner wrote:

Attached please find the revised charter proposal for WTP. Please
review the changes and let me know if you approve. We need to vote on
the final amendments at the PMC level, get initial approval from the
EMO (Bjorn and Mike), and then submit the final edits for Board
approval. Thanks,
There are five conceptual changes:
	* 	Clarify that additional (sub) projects may be added to WTP so long
as they are consistent with the Charter
	* 	Clarify that implementations of draft standards are acceptable so
long as the completed standard is consistent with the Charter
	* 	Clarify that relevant J2*S*E standards may be implemented when
relevant to app development
	* 	Move to the standard Charter scheme (most of the boilerplate
language replaced by an annotated link)
	* 	Explicitly remove data tools from scope
Specific edits:
Additional projects will be created within the overall Scope where
resources and interest allow.
J2SE standards (for example, JAX-RPC 2.0) may be implemented by JST to
enable Web or J2EE application development.

WTP may implement draft standards provided the final version remains
consistent with this Charter.

Data and database management tools are within the purview of the Data
Tools Project (DTP), and as such are outside the scope of WTP,
although both projects cooperate in areas where data modeling and
application development overlap.
Other Terms This Charter inherits all terms not otherwise defined
herein from the " Eclipse Standard Charter v1.0". This includes, but
is not limited to, sections on the Program Management Committee,
Roles, Project Organization, The Development Process, and Licensing.
[replaces inlined boilerplate]
a wide range of standard languages (for example, HTML, CSS, Web
services, etc.) [Removed XQuery and SQL, replacing with CSS]
The picture (not shown in attachment) will be modified as follows:
	* 	JSF *in* scope
	* 	JDO "above the line" but out of scope
	* 	SQL out of scope (but still above the line)
I would also consider making the picture non-normative if that is
supported by others, since it seems to have been the cause of some
confusion. Thoughts?

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