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Re: [wtp-pmc] proposed charter revision


Thx. One quick observation is that we should remove SQL from our scope and cite the Data Tool project and our intention to migrate the Data tools into it.

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07/13/2005 01:45 AM

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[wtp-pmc] proposed charter revision

Please review the attached Word document; change tracking is turned on to enable you to see the specific edits. Note that the figure also requires editing; Arthur will be working on that separately.
I made three conceptual changes:
  • JSF project added as a peer of WST and JST
  • Scope of WTP clarified to permit working on standards in pre-approval states
  • Scope of JST clarified to permit working on non-J2EE standards when they are relevant (e.g., JAX-RPC 2.0 is going into J2SE, but it’s obviously needed by JST)
Please review at your earliest convenience; once we’re in substantial agreement, I’ll circulate this with the EMO so that they can review it prior to submitting it to the board.
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