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[wtp-pmc] Review of WTP screencasts

Hi Ian,

Sorry I wasn't able to return your call last week. All of the screencasts are based on WTP 1.0 M4. With the version number change and other visual changes these should really be based on at least WTP 0.7 M5. Can these be redone to reference WTP 0.7? Here are my specific comments on the screencasts.

Installation and Prereq [6:25]
Overall this looks both useful and generally correct. Here are some changes that should be made.
1. The narrator says the installation is for WTP 1.0 M4. The WTP version has been changed to 0.7 and this screencast should make reference to WTP 0.7 and not 1.0.
2. The WTP main page has changed. This screencast should be updated with a shot of the latest WTP main page.
3. The screencast shows the download of the WTP SDK driver. This driver is larger as it contains the source and is only meant for those building on top of the platform. The narrator should make it clear what the SDK download is for and should download the regular (non-SDK) WTP driver.
4. The narrator states that XDoclet is needed. It isn't. The narrator should state that it is optional and should state that installing it allows you to create annotated EJB's and servlets.
5. The narrator states that the WTP adds a couple items to the Eclipse preferences. The WTP actually adds several including Internet, J2EE Annotations, Server, Validation, Web and XML, and Web Services. The narrator should make it clear that all of these preferences are related to the WTP or at least not suggest that the WTP only contains the two preferences shown.
6. The narration while good is fairly dry. It would be great if the narrator could make the narrative more interesting. (I don't have any immediate suggestions.)

XML Tools [5:28]
This screencast looks good. I don't have any suggestions for improvement other than livening up the dialogue as I said above.

JavaBean Web Service [3:28]
This screencast seems a lot weaker than the others. No actions are performed in this screen cast. Everything has already been completed at the beginning and is simply shown. Here are some changes that should be made.
1. The creation of the project, files, and especially the Web service itself should be shown. Click on Finish instead of cancel.
2. The screencast should demonstrate testing the Web service with the Web services explorer. This is a key WTP Web services tool.
3. During the creation of the Web service the create a proxy option is selected. The narrator should explain why.
4. In general there should be more explanation about the scenario. What are we showing the audience and why. This again speaks to the point about making the screencasts more interesting.

Building a Web App [8:43]
This screencast is good and generally useful. There are some things that need to be changed as there are easier ways to accomplish the tasks. Here are some changes that should be made.
1. WTP has been renamed to 0.7. The narrator should reference 0.7 and not 1.0.
2. The screencast shows the narrator searching for the save action at one point. The screencast should demonstrate how easy it is to use Eclipse and not demonstrate the selection of the wrong menu.
3. The screencast shows the creation of a servlet using the new class wizard and the manual addition of the servlet to the deployment descriptor. The WTP contains a new servlet wizard which greatly simplifies this process removing the need to edit the deployment descriptor manually. The WTP new servlet wizard should be used instead of the new class wizard.
4. When the project is added to the server the location of the add project menu item is not shown. This should be shown to the user so they can see where they need to click.
5. A JSP file is created using the new->file option. The new JSP wizard should be used instead.


Lawrence Mandel

Software Developer
IBM Rational Software
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"Ian Skerrett" <ian.skerrett@xxxxxxxxxxx>

06/21/2005 03:13 PM

Lawrence Mandel/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA, "'Pieter Humphrey'" <pieterh@xxxxxxx>
FW: launch landing page

The landing page url has been updated.   I’d like to get your feedback on the screencasts.
Ian Skerrett
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