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[wtp-pmc] Agenda Item: Proposed XSL Component

I would like to propose creation of an XSL component for WST.

XSL and related standards are well within the
scope of WTP charter but there was no initial contribution
in this area.

The motivation to create this component now, in advance
of specific project plans and existing code, is to  
1. "compartmentalize" support, integration, and planning for contributions in this area.
2. acknowledge that WTP/WST is the right home for it, to have the PMC re-express
its need for such components/contributions, and to have PMC approval
for technically evaluating contributions made in that area,

This is not a commitment for releasing anything for Release 1 of WTP.

This has some up now because we have a "significant contribution" proposed in this area,
I have "openly" suggested how to proceed in comment number 7:

I believe the contributor (Lars Gersmann) is an "individual contributor" and I have asked
him to complete the contribution questionnaire:
to document affiliation, the contribution, the codes originality, etc.
(which then goes to EMO for due diligence review)

I think the right sequence of events is to create the component, then
ask and work with the component "team" to see what, if anything they
would propose and when.

This proposed XSL component would explicitly include support for

                  (and probably

This is not meant to be an umbrella X-component: other X-standards,
such as XQuery may have its own component some day.

Second, I propose that Craig Salter be named the initial component lead
for the XSL Component. Craig works for IBM, is already a committer and leads the
XSD component. From working with Craig I know he has a lot of
expertise and industry perspective in XSL as well.

This does not oblige Craig (or IBM) to contribute any code/functionality
in this area, but Craig is willing to contribute his
expertise in evaluating contributions in this area and generally
making recommendations to the project leads and PMC, and
encouraging contributors.

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