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[wtp-pmc] Fw: DTP Meeting Minutes for 3/31


Arthur Ryman,
Rational Desktop Tools Development

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----- Forwarded by Arthur Ryman/Toronto/IBM on 04/08/2005 06:41 PM -----

04/01/2005 12:03 PM

Karl.Reti@xxxxxxxxxx, rcernich@xxxxxxxxxx, Hung.Hsi@xxxxxxxxxx, wli@xxxxxxxxxxx, Arthur Ryman/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA, igor.shabalov@xxxxxxxxxx, dpchou@xxxxxxxxxx, ajciccon@xxxxxxxxxx, nelin@xxxxxxxxxx, Somasundaram.Shanmugam@xxxxxxxxxx, Xiao.Wang@xxxxxxxxxx
DTP Meeting Minutes for 3/31


Rob Cernich (Sybase)
John Graham (Sybase)
Hung Hsi (Sybase)
Karl Reti (Sybase)
Arthur Ryman (IBM)
Igor Shabalov (Exadel)
Somasundaram Shanmugam (Sybase)
Xiao Wang (Sybase)


  Introducing two new members from Sybase to the group:
  Somasundaram Shanmugam (Soma): Engineering director in charge of code
  base including Sybase's potential contribution to DTP.
  Xiao Wang: Sybase architect for data management and modeling.
  John described the progress on technical review team formation: We have
  a list of names from each group, and we have decided to extend the
  invitation to the technical discussions to members of the Eclipse
  community who have expressed serious interest: Stephen Perez (Pervasive
  Software), Holger Dehnhardt (dbclipse project), and Simon Wilson
  (objectnation GmbH).
  We discussed whether the technical meetings should be announced on the
  newsgroup and, if so, whether a public number should be published for
  the calls. Based on feedback from Arthur's experience with WTP, we
  decided to mention only  the meetings on the newsgroup, and deal with
  anyone else who wants to attend on a case-by-case basis.
  John provided an update about Sybase's progress in getting code ready
  for review: We have met and determined the components to offer as open
  source. Due to product considerations, however, we might have to run
  over a binary layer to provide a working component set to the group for
  initial reviews. We continue to review this matter internally, and will
  update the group as events develop.
  Arthur mentioned the requirement of following the Eclipse due diligence
  process for any potential code contributions. This would apply to Sybase
  and Simon Wilson, since these are the only two parties to date having
  potential DTP code contributions that are not already certified under
  the Eclipse process and open source license.
  We discussed general plans for how the technical meetings would proceed.
  The current thinking is to aim for an introductory meeting next week,
  followed by a number of teleconference meetings (probably once a week)
  as the details are investigated. Finally, a face-to-face meeting, at a
  time and place to be determined, would complete the consolidation plan.
  We believe that once the technical meetings begin, then the members of
  that meeting can provide us with a more accurate projection of time and
  steps required to attain the desired consolidation plan.
  We also mentioned that a face-to-face meeting with the members of this
  group will likely be required to complete the documents necessary for
  the project creation review. Building on the work done by the
  consolidation task force, this meeting would seek to include Bjorn as a
  representative of the EMO requirements and interests.

John Graham
Staff Software Engineer
Sybase (978) 287-1634

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