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Re: [wtp-pmc] agenda for this week's call

AXE proposal: use of XML-defined GUIs is in the air.

I have just discovered that post:

[xul-announce] XSWT Getting Added To Eclipse Visual Editor Project
Gerald Bauer
Fri, 11 Feb 2005 19:21:08 -0800

AXE is complementary to the way followed by XSWT :
- XSWT is about XML-defined GUIs
- AXE is about linking data between GUIs and XML documents

Here are more info about AXE and XSWT:
- the previous post talks about a VE/XSWT contact during EclipseCon and I have found no news into the VE web site. - the XSWT architecture is a plugin one defined in [1], while the AXE architecture relies on Jelly (Jelly taglibs are put into Eclipse plugins) - the XSWT plugin architecture relies on "Scripting language support (embed Groovy or Jython inside XSWT files), see [1]", while AXE architecture is language agnostic (XML only).



Tim Wagner a écrit :


    * Update on ecosystem, messaging, and help status (Lawrence)
    * Update from Requirements group reboot (Jochen)
    * Update from Architecture group (David)
    * AXE proposal – see attached (Arthur)
    * Update sites – Christophe/Dominique
    * PMC review of current WTP API status and statistics
    * Open mic

(Please send additions or corrections to me.)



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