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[wtp-pmc] Fw: Minutes and Action Items from 3/17 DTP meeting


Arthur Ryman,
Rational Desktop Tools Development

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----- Forwarded by Arthur Ryman/Toronto/IBM on 03/22/2005 10:22 AM -----

03/17/2005 04:26 PM

Anthony J Ciccone <ajciccon@xxxxxxxxxx>, Der Ping Chou <dpchou@xxxxxxxxxx>, Hung.Hsi@xxxxxxxxxx, igor.shabalov@xxxxxxxxxx, Karl.Reti@xxxxxxxxxx, Connie Nelin <nelin@xxxxxxxxxx>, rcernich@xxxxxxxxxx, Arthur Ryman/Toronto/IBM@IBMCA, wli@xxxxxxxxxxx
Minutes and Action Items from 3/17  DTP meeting


Rob Cernich (Sybase)
Anthony Ciccone (IBM)
Der Ping Chou (IBM)
John Graham (Sybase)
Hung Hsi (Sybase)
Wenfeng Li (Actuate)
Connie Nelin (IBM)
Karl Reti (Sybase)
Arthur Ryman (IBM)
Igor Shabalov (Exadel)


> Use of DTP package names in WTP and review of rdb interfaces: Der Ping
explained that no rdb API will be exposed in the July WTP release. Hence,
there is no urgency from a API compatibility perspective to change package
names and review the interfaces, since there actually is no rdb "API" in
that release. Internally, however, WTP uses these methods, and it might
make sense to update package names and agree to interfaces to reduce
WTP-internal refactoring required when migrating to DTP. The consensus was
the necessity of such changes/reviews would emerge as part of the larger
consolidation studies.

> We agreed that a top priority in the near future for DTP is creating a
common foundation agreed to by the group for data connectivity and SQL
development frameworks/tools. Teams studying the specifics of overlap
between WTP/rdb, BIRT, and Sybase's code will be formed. These teams will
ultimately generate proposals for consolidation in their respective areas.

> A face to face meeting, targeted for mid- to late-April, in planned with
the intention of creating documentation expected for the project review.

> For the initial planning period, we agreed to hold weekly meetings at the
same time (1PM -- 2PM EST on Thursdays) and at the same number as the 3/17

Action Items:

> Proposed time frames for DTP:  We said that August is the earliest window
for migration of components from WTP to DTP. Working backward from that, a
project creation review in June or July seems reasonable. John will talk to
Bjorn and Mike to get their input on this.

> Review for consolidation requires access to Sybase's intended
contributions. John will work with Sybase management to find a solution to
this problem.

> WTP, BIRT, and Sybase are asked to provide John a list of members for the
consolidation task groups by mid- to late- next week.

John Graham
Staff Software Engineer
Sybase (978) 287-1634

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