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Re: [wtp-incubator-dev] WTP Incubotor Git Repositories

One of the things I was thinking of doing was to extract the XML Security code into a separate git repository, and that way it could be archived as a stand alone git repo.  Similar to how the Vex project was extracted with full commit history.

This way that code is purely standalone, and if somebody really wanted to take it back up (i.e. clone it and fork it say on eclipselabs, it would be pretty easy to do).


On 10/08/2011 10:53 AM, David M Williams wrote:

I've always wanted to say "thanks", Dominik. Thanks for providing the code and giving it a go. I know I have loaded it up in the past, and found it very interesting. Some of the security code was a bit over my head :) but I found it interesting and wish we all had more time to "study security". Thanks for trying to help educate us.

As for "what to do with the code", I doubt the EMO has any policy, per se, about the code in long term incubators, so I'd suggest "we" (the WTP Incubator project) come up with a policy ... until the EMO complains. :) I'd suggest leaving the code in the repo but make sure it is clear it is inactive. In CVS we would do that by tagging the final version, and then removing most of "head" except for one file with a note that "this code is currently inactive, the current final version can by found with tag XYZ". I assume there's a something similar that could be done with a GIT repo? In fact, not sure what was done with the all the other code that moved from cvs to git, but would also be nice to null out it's cvs head version, with a note stating it " ... has moved to git repo http:///abcwhatever/". This just helps communicate to anyone casually browsing the repositories to help them find what's interesting. Just my 2 cents worth of what would be ideal. No strong or immediate need.

Thanks again, Dominik. Best of luck.

          hide details for Dominik Schadow ---09/27/2011 04:03:34
          PM---Hi there, I've been looking for other committers for the
          Dominik Schadow ---09/27/2011 04:03:34 PM---Hi there, I've been looking for other committers for the XML Security Tools in the

From: Dominik Schadow <info@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: wtp-incubator-dev@xxxxxxxxxxx
Date: 09/27/2011 04:03 PM
Subject: Re: [wtp-incubator-dev] WTP Incubotor Git Repositories
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Hi there,

I've been looking for other committers for the XML Security Tools in the
past, without any luck. I'd love to see the tools growing, but I don't
have the time to do it all on my own (besides the fact that it's good to
have someone putting some pressure on me...).

However, there is some work going on at JCrypTool, an Eclipse RCP based
e-learning software with the XML Security Tools
( Looks like the XML Security Tools will
have a future there.

So if no one else is interested in developing the XML Security Tools
with me, it may be time to retire.


Am 25.09.11 17:56, schrieb David Carver:
> If you are working on a WTP Incubator component/project and are
> currently in the following git repository:
> org.eclipse.webtools.incubator.git
> I'm planning on doing some splitting of the code into seperate
> repositories.   This is partially initiated by the move of Vex to the
> Mylyn Docs project, and they need their own repository for this final move.
> What I'm proposing is the following new repositories:
> org.eclipse.webtools.incubator.xquery.git
> org.eclipse.webtools.incubator.xmlsecurity.git
> There is code in both XML Security and the RelaxNG projects that does
> not seem to be getting any active development.   So, the
> project/component leads on those projects should specify whether they
> wish to continue these projects here at eclipse, or if we should retire
> them and let them move elsewhere.
> The XML Search component already has it's own repository (I need to
> check on status of the Hudson job I had requested a while ago for that
> project).
> Please provide thoughts and feed backs.   All commit history will be
> re-written so that only your projects relevant history will be included
> so from an IP stand point everything relevant to your particular project
> will still be there.
> Dave
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