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Re: [wtp-incubator-dev] XQDT MarkLogic Adaptor

Hi Haitao,

Nice to have someone from ML again on board. Before you will be able to commit to the repositories, you will need to be an Eclipse committer. For this reason I have also CC-ed David that is the Lead of our parent Eclipse project (WTP Incubator)

We have a (almost-)weekly call Wednesdays (18:00 CET). Please let us know if you can make it.

Other information should be found here:

Please go through it and let me know if that information is wrong/obsolete/bad/etc. That should theoretically get you started. And your feedback will for sure help up improve it.

You can also chat with me on Skype (gabipetrovay) or GTalk if needed.


On Mon, Sep 12, 2011 at 7:26 AM, Haitao Wu <Haitao.Wu@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello Gabriel,


My name is Haitao Wu and I am an engineer in MarkLogic.   Since Sam Neth has left the company, I am taking over the XQDT adaptor.   


As you probably already know,   the adaptor has been disabled on Incubator recently.  I want to make it work again.    While I know Java well and have used Eclipse for a few years,  I am pretty new to XQDT and Eclipse plug-in development in general.   I have used XQDT before but haven’t looked into its implementation.


I got your email address from Sam.   I wanted to introduce myself.  Also,  I am wondering if it’s ok for me to  ask you a few questions to get a quick understanding of  the scope of this problem.




Haitao Wu
Senior Engineer
MarkLogic Corporation
Phone: +1 650 287 2546

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MSc Gabriel Petrovay
Mobile: +41(0)787978034

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