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[wtp-incubator-dev] XML Search Git Repository

The XML Search git repository is now available. I'll see about getting a component setup in bugzilla for this. Angelo, please feel free to clone the repo. Nitin you may want to keep an eye on this, and there may be some changes that we want to bring back into the core, but most of this will probably go into the Xpath component.

The repo can be cloned by:

git clone ssh://committerid@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/gitroot/webtools/incubator/org.eclipse.webtools.xmlsearch.git

I'll see about getting this added to the repos that are mirrored on github as well.

Angelo, I'll work on adding a maven/tycho build around these plugins, and getting a CI job setup for it as well. May take a couple of days.

More info on working with git as a committer at eclipse is available below. The key thing is to make sure you setup the credentials right for the repo, otherwise when you push eclipse will reject it.


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