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[wtp-incubator-dev] Fwd: [Bug 318834] The save option in VEX is returning error : "Error <name>.xml cannot be saved : null"

Hello NS Gopikrishnan!

Nice the hear that Vex gets more attention and that you want to contribute. The main sources for help and information at the moment are the WTP Incubator Mailinglist (to which I am sending this to) and the Vex Wiki page We are still working on the Wiki page to provide more information and to make contributing easier.

To setup your workspace and target platform, it will be the best if we provide a PSF and a target definition via the Wiki page. I'll have a look at it tonight.

In the mean time the Helios Eclipse SDK (aka. Classic) will do fine as IDE and target platform.

Happy Hacking!


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Betreff: [Bug 318834] The save option in VEX is returning error : "Error <name>.xml cannot be saved : null"
Datum: Tue,  6 Jul 2010 02:16:34 -0400
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An: florian@xxxxxxxxxxx
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NS Gopikrishnan, thx for reporting.
Florian, wow, you are really fast! :-))

Thanks Florian :) Yes you are fast !!!

I would like to contribute to VEX, Can you people help me with setting up the
workspace and dependencies ?

(Sorry that I am unable to find a mailing list specific to this project, Else I
would have posted this there)

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