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[wtp-dev] Reminder: Open call time on Thursday the 20th

Hi folks,
A quick reminder that our call will be open for M2 discussions. Here's what's been going on:
  • The JSF build breakage for M1 was solved with some help from the Community:
  • M2 will be delayed a couple of days to allow for extra time to put together a solution for bug 580788. While it's been reported first against Source Editing, it's possible that other projects using ICU4J are just as susceptible to the wiring problem.
  • Migration from Bugzilla+Gerrit is coming, but no decision has been made between GitLab and GitHub for our project repositories.
  • Our web site repository, on the other hand, has been moved to GitLab.
  • We are overdue for a more complete Progress Review

Nitin Dahyabhai
Eclipse WTP PMC

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