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[wtp-dev] Reminder: "office hours" tomorrow

Hi folks,
Just a quick reminder that our regular office hours are on for tomorrow. The preliminary agenda can be found at Here are the highlights:

The removal of CVS-originating bundles from Orbit caused massive build breaks in M1. While some bundle recipes were added, we're temporarily also pulling older bundles in from the previous Orbit release so that we can build M2. There simply hasn't been enough time and resources to continue breaking the build for the purpose of understanding what needs replacing, and to do the work of making replacements. Long term we want to either submit the needed recipes, or as a last resort pull directly from Maven. My own thinking is that pulling artifacts from Maven and shipping them as anything other than a final ingredient when creating a Product is a mistake.
* Changes to the IP Policy are coming:
* Migration from Bugzilla+Gerrit is also coming, but no decision has been made between GitLab and GitHub. Input from Committers would be welcome.
* Still implementing support for Jakarta EE 9.

Nitin Dahyabhai
Eclipse WTP PMC

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