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Re: [wtp-dev] Office hours today

> still missing the EMO-mandated files

You should fire your release engineering guy and get some new person who'll be committed to doing this meta work. ;)

On Thu., Feb. 24, 2022, 11:08 a.m. Nitin Dahyabhai, <thatnitind@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Hi all,
Today's session, for 3.25 RC1, will happen on schedule. You'll find the dedicated page at .

The high points: 
  • Community contributions are working away at log4j references, more for them being superfluous potential exposures than anything else.
  • The New Servlet wizard is up to date for Jakarta EE, but the Listener and Filter wizard need similar work done to them.
  • Most of the facets still need newer versions added for Jakarta EE 9.
  • Most repositories are still missing the EMO-mandated files. Those files are key pillars for supporting a development team and community.

See you then!

Nitin Dahyabhai
Eclipse WTP PMC
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