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[wtp-dev] Reminder: ready for release office hours later today

Hi all,
Today's session would usually be to discuss any last minute changes needed prior to our upcoming release.

The current status is that we didn't have any calls for an RC2, so RC1 will be our release build and contents supplied to SimRel*. There are a couple of matters that could have justified an RC2, but fixes for those issues could not be completed in time. They'll be priorities in early 3.25 builds, along with some overdue maintenance and documentation updates.

Our releng lead did a pass on simplifying our main downloads page, but there's a small bug we're still working on fixing in the final version. It shouldn't affect the ability to get the final downloadable P2 site for 3.24 proper.

As usual, we'll be working our way through the Release Tasks* over the next week, but if anyone wants to discuss anything, feel free to drop in or reply here. See you then!

Nitin Dahyabhai
Eclipse WTP PMC

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