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[wtp-dev] Office hours** for M3 tomorrow

Hi folks,
A quick reminder that office hours are tomorrow**, as we would usually meet to discuss the candidate for M3. Here's what's going on with WTP 3.23:

1) The EMO has requested the addition of the now-mandatory files: README, LICENSE and CONTRIBUTING, to the main repositories, and to consider adding files: NOTICES, CODE OF CONDUCT and SECURITY. Doing so is a condition of closing out our 2021-06 Progress Review. The leads and committers on each project, knowing them the best, should author those using the Eclipse Project's repositories as examples.

There's a documentation generator at (adjust for the appropriate project) for starting most of the files, and you can adopt the security and CoC files from if you find them agreeable. You can also look at the Source Editing repository if you're curious about what else you might want to include or change from the generated versions.

2) Jakarta EE* marches on, meaning we still need facets and support for: 
  • CDI 3.0
  • EAR 9.0
  • EJB 4.0
  • JAXB 3.0
  • JAX-RS 3.0
  • JPA 3.0
  • JSF 3.0, with the standard itself possibly implemented by the Mojarra and Glassfish projects.

I've done what I can to handle the Servlet 5.0 facet myself, but I don't know the rest well enough to add them. I'm seeing posts and questions about this pop up here and there, including our own forum.

3) It's time for a Java 17 Facet.  Java 17's GA is set for one month from this Saturday, one day before 2021-09, and it's expected that packages will be including JustJ's Java 17 runtime.

Maybe I'll see you during the open meet time, and/or you'll reply right here to discuss anything you like. Either way, until then!

** Due to a scheduling conflict, there's only a half hour this time. For some reason I am also unable to log into the Wiki, but this will hopefully be entered into before the time arrives.

Nitin Dahyabhai
Eclipse WTP PMC

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