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[wtp-dev] ACTION REQUIRED: 2 cross-project issues that need P1 attention in the next sprint

Some time ago, I opened a few cross-project Che issues to sort out some inconsistencies in how things are handled in the 2 dozen Che projects and how that impacts productization.

* [Cross-Project Epic] CI Build / Weekly Release process should use consistent quay tags for sha-version/next and 7.yy.z/latest  -

* [Cross-Project Epic] Migrate rhel.Dockerfiles in all che repos to use ubi8 + install go-toolset RPMs (go-toolset container deprecated as of RHEL 8.4) - 

The first is in progress now, led by @Mykhailo Kuznietsov with PR reviews by SMEs in the various projects. Once we have everything building :next tags, the next step will be to remove publishing :nightly tags, and see what breaks. Note that he is but one person, working to make all your dozens of projects more sane. If you have time to help, he won't complain about having assistance. ;) 

The second one, however, requires help from team leads with golang expertise to update projects to use go 1.15 where possible, or explain why we can't move to 1.15. 

Thanks to the Deploy team for already migrating both che-operator and che-machine-exec to go 1.15, there's a template you can follow to more easily move YOUR project over to the latest golang. 

Can the other TLs take an action for the upcoming sprint to also move their projects to use ubi8 + go 1.15?

Here's the complete list of go projects to migrate, go version and path to dockerfile:
  •  1.14 che-jwtproxy/build/dockerfiles/rhel.Dockerfile
  •  1.14 che-plugin-broker/build/artifacts/rhel.Dockerfile
  •  1.14 che-plugin-broker/build/metadata/rhel.Dockerfile
  •  1.13 che-workspace-operator/build/rhel.Dockerfile
  •  1.13 configbump/build/dockerfiles/rhel.Dockerfile
  •  1.13 devworkspace-che-operator/build/dockerfiles/Dockerfile
  •  1.13 devworkspace-operator/build/rhel.Dockerfile
  •  1.13 devworkspace-operator/project-clone/Dockerfile
  •  1.14 kubernetes-image-puller/docker/Dockerfile
  •  1.13 kubernetes-image-puller-operator/build/Dockerfile
  •  1.12 rhche-kubernetes-image-puller/docker/rhel.Dockerfile
If for planning purposes you require unique Che issues, please don't hesitate to create issues as clones of

If any of those Dockerfiles are no longer needed, please let me know on so they can be removed from the list. See a mistake on the list? Feel free to fix the issue! 

Thanks, everyone!


Nick Boldt

Principal Software Engineer, RHCSA

Productization Lead :: CodeReady Workspaces 

IM: @nickboldt / @nboldt /

“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change” - Heraclitus

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