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[wtp-dev] Office Hours? Again? Tomorrow.

Hi folks,
A quick reminder that office hours are tomorrow, as we would usually meet to discuss the candidate for M3 and the shutdown process for the release. Here's what's going on with WTP 3.22:

1) WTP now contains the parts of Jetty 10 it needs above those provided in the Platform, and all known issues related to it have been resolved. We'll see if M3 reveals any more.

2) Jakarta EE 9 and above*:
Bug 565498, about the Servlet/Listener/Filter wizards could use some attention to make sure the correct packages are referenced when the jst.web facet (Servlet) version is 5+, or more broadly useful, in which package of the target project's Java Build Path the HttpServlet class is found.

3) For shutdown, we will have an RC1 to update our dependencies and work through anything found in the M3 EPP. RC1 changes should have Project Lead approval in the Bugzilla bug using the "review" flag. For RC2, we'll follow the process from requiring both Project Lead and PMC +1 review. This is more flow control to get out on time than anyone saying not to fix things.

4) Expect some movement on retiring inactive Committers in the near future, along the lines of Just last week didn't get enough responses for a Releng election that IMHO should have been a no-brainer.

Maybe I'll see you during the open meet time, and/or you'll reply right here to discuss anything you like. Either way, until then!

Nitin Dahyabhai
Eclipse WTP PMC

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