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[wtp-dev] Reminder: office hours TODAY

Hi folks,
A quick reminder that office hours** are today. Here's what's going on with WTP 3.22:

1) The Platform now contains Jetty 10, requiring Server Tools changes. Jetty 9 had a complete update site for us to pull the additional bundles needed by WTP and not needed by the Platform. The Platform's method for getting their needed bundles in this release complicates matters for anyone downstream, not just because its release is already outdated. As mentioned in the thread starting at, a request for help was sent to Platform Releng, without volunteers.

2) WTP builds moving to JIRO (bug 568553):
Getting closer, and still a possibility for M2.

3) Jakarta EE 9 and above*:
Bug 565498, about the Servlet/Listener/Filter wizards could use some attention to make sure the correct packages are referenced when the jst.web facet (Servlet) version is 5+.

I hope to see you then, and/or you can reply right here to discuss anything you like. Until next time!

Nitin Dahyabhai
Eclipse WTP PMC

** hours here refers to roughly 50 minutes, Earth-time

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