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[wtp-dev] Reminder: Office hour later today

Hi folks,
Just a quick reminder that I'll have our conference call meeting room open at the usual time, joinable though Zoom. For more details, check

Here's what's going on with WTP:

1) There will be an RC2 today.
I found a bug in that initial JSP support for Jakarta EE that renders content assist unavailable in Java sections in those projects. Bug 565328 has the necessary PMC Review information filled in, and links to the Gerrit and eventual Commit, as well.

2) WTP builds moving to JIRO (bug 568553):
Still a work in progress. It's a good place for someone who wants to contribute in a way other than working on code. Other projects are seeing the same limitations we are, and a little ahead of us in ferreting out solutions to them.

3) Jakarta EE 9 and above*:
Bug 565498, about the Servlet/Listener/Filter wizards, is foremost on my mind--but it will have to wait until 3.22 as nothing has been prepared for it.

4) 3.21
Today's RC2 should be the last build for 3.21. Projects can and should tag their repositories for the release.

I hope to see you later today, and you can reply right here to discuss anything you like. Until next time!

Nitin Dahyabhai
Eclipse WTP PMC

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