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[wtp-dev] Reminder: Office "hour" tomorrow, and shutdown for 3.21

Hi folks,
Just a quick reminder that I'll have our conference call meeting room open at the usual time, joinable though . For more details, check I have a conflict after the first half hour, so it'll be shorter this time around. We're doing it a second week in a row because we'll have an RC1 candidate next week.

Here's what's going on with WTP:

1) WTP builds still moving to JIRO (bug 568553):
Still a work in progress. It's a good place for someone who wants to contribute in a way other than working on code.

2) Jakarta EE, 9 and above*:
Bug 565498, about the Servlet/Listener/Filter wizards, is foremost on my mind--but it seems like it'll have to wait until 3.22. The most visible part of the JSP work is complete; what remains has been spun off to a different bug for 3.22, as well.

3) M3
Tomorrow is our M3 candidate day. As normal, we'll rebuild if needed, but the smoke test candidate is always what we expect to contribute (optimism!). Check for "incoming reviews" on your Gerrit dashboard at ; you can approve/critique and Submit changes to the main branch directly from the UI.

4) Release Candidates
After M3 is declared, we always have an RC1.
    • Project Lead approval is expected for anything going into RC1.
    • PMC +1 is expected for anything going into RC2. We won't have an RC2 if nothing comes up. Good candidates would be issues that destroy the user's data or bring down the IDE.
    • JUnit tests are always fair game to fix.

Maybe I'll see you tomorrow, but as before, you can reply right here to discuss anything you like. Until next time!

Nitin Dahyabhai
Eclipse WTP PMC

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