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[wtp-dev] Not a reminder about tomorrow's now not-a-status meeting

Hi folks,
For this release, I'm going to change things up and not just conduct the same status meetings we've been doing for years. There's an argument to be made that video meetings exclude people who aren't in the proper environment, in the right time zone, and equipped to take part, and that's never been the intention. Many of us, including myself, don't get to work on WTP as part of our day jobs, and freeing up that time during a work day can be difficult. Updates during this release about what's going on will be found here in the mailing list, in periodic emails right before the original time slots, which I'll instead leave open if anyone wants to dial in and discuss things or just socialize. Of course, replies to the mailing list are probably best, and I'll keep recording things in the wiki in case we find this doesn't work as well.

1) WTP builds are moving to JIRO:
As we found during 3.20, UI tests no longer function on HIPP10(a.k.a. our existing build machine). Whatever combination of 3.18's changes caused it, the machine won't be upgraded, so we have no choice but to move to JIRO. For the sake of getting 3.20 out at all, most of our builds on are no longer running their BVT. Thanks to quick work from Fred, we have jobs running at, but that has a few adoption blockers:
  1. Java EE project builds are failing from compilation errors because they rely on a BREE of J2SE-1.4. JIRO does not provide that one, and does not plan to add it. Combined with BVT being disabled on the old build server, Java EE builds no longer have automated BVT being performed. J2SE-1.5 would get it building, but upping to JavaSE-8 or 11 would be preferred for long term maintenance.
  2. Dali and Web Services have consistently failing tests. I haven't looked into all of their failures.
  3. Releng needs to determine how to publish builds from JIRO. The FAQ isn't as clear, to me, about that as I'd like, nor how to run those same builds locally using the same containers that JIRO is spinning up.
2) Jakarta EE, 9 and above:
Jakarta EE 9 has GA'd. While I intend to complete support for it in Source Editing (JSP), being your PMC Lead hasn't conferred any special commit rights to me for the other projects and repositories, nor a surfeit of time to spend on them. Committers on the other projects will need to engage to support Jakarta EE. Honestly I took it on originally so the rest of you could spend more time on the actual deliverables, less with processes for the Foundation. Thankfully, Larry implemented support for Tomcat 10 into this release, so we can create workspace projects to test those changes against.

3) Java 16 is expected in March 2021 --our highest facet version is currently 15. Java 17 is the next scheduled LTS release. Jakarta EE 9 doesn't have a newer Web/Servlet facet version, but 10 might.

Nitin Dahyabhai
Eclipse WTP PMC

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