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[wtp-dev] Jakarta EE LSP for Eclipse IDE (WTP)

Before we get into the technical question... How does one go about registering another email address on this mailing list?  I tried sending a note to wtp-dev-subscribe@xxxxxxxxxxx and it got rejected (this has worked with all of the EE4J mailing lists...).

My real question is...  We're working with some University students to possibly develop a Language Server for the Jakarta EE 9 API.  We've done a similar effort with MicroProfile API and it's advancing quite well.

Here's the description of the project:

I'm not aware of any activity by the WTP project in this arena of supporting Jakarta EE. If I'm wrong about this, please let me know.  Otherwise, I'm hoping that this type of project would be of interest to the WTP team.  Would there be enough interest to possibly even help mentor this project?

We've got some basic questions relating to the github repo.  Should we start with private repos?  Is there a WTP "sandbox" repo that we could start with?  Or, do we need to create an Eclipse project?  Eventually, we may also need some assistance with developing the LSP client for Eclipse.

Any input, suggestions, comments would be appreciated.  Thanks!
-- Kevin Sutter
Jakarta EE 9 Release Lead

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