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[wtp-dev] Committer Election for Nitin Dahyabhai on Web Services Tools has started

A committer election for Nitin Dahyabhai on project Web Services Tools
(webtools.webservices) was started by Keith Chong with this criteria:

I’m nominating Nitin Dahyabhai to be a committer. Nitin is a reliable,
valued contributor to the Web Tools Platform for many years. He is a Project
Lead and Committer in Source Editing, and a Committer in Web Tools Common and
JSDT. He has taken on WTP releng duties and is leading the WTP status calls.
Web Services contains some core features that Nitin will be updating every
release. Granting him committership rights will help him do this smoothly.

Here are his merged Gerrit changes:

Here are his assigned, resolved bugzillas
103491 WSDL and XSD editors throw exception opening external file
113563 Outline page listeners not removed when WSDLEditor is disposed
103564 WSDL Validator validates files in .deployables
103306 Failure when importing a WSDL file in another WSDL for WTP > M4

Web Services Tools project committers can click the election link below to



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