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[wtp-dev] WTP 3.15 RC1 ready to test!

Hi folks,
Our RelEng Lead is taking a brief time off, so you'll have to suffer with 
a communique from me. Our RC1 candidate is ready for testing, and as we've 
ceased issuing formal smoke test requests and creating explicit results 
tables and pages, this mailing list will be the place to point out any new 
problems you find that would necessitate a respin of RC1, or even a 
subsequent RC2 build. I'll push the current contents of RC1 to the SimRel 
repo on Tuesday, per our calendar, if nothing is mentioned by then.

At the same time, the EPP packages and repositories for 2019-09 M3 are now 
available ( 
Tester(s), please make sure to give your thumbs up/down so we're 
published; the N&N URLs in the download page will be corrected for RC1 if 
M3 appears wrong. Note that the Platform did not produce an M2 this 
release, so this combination does have changes even if some of our 
projects have contributed no changes since M2. If anyone's seeing painting 
noise when scrolling the text editors on Mac with 2-19-06, I believe we 
should be seeing the fix in M3.

And FYI, our Marketplace entries' versions specific to 2019-09 will remain 
pointed at the EPP staging repository until the day before GA.

Nitin Dahyabhai

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