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[wtp-dev] git plugin UI within 'Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers'

Hi all,
    This comment is about, Git plugin UI within 'Eclipse Java EE IDE for Web Developers (Photon release 4.8.0)'. When we right click on a project node, and then select 'Team' (screen paste shown below),


At this point, there are two options named 'Pull' and 'Pull...' (highlighted in the image above). With these names, it looks confusing I believe. With these two names, user may imagine that these two menu options would offer same functionality. But it seems to me that, these two menu options offer different functionality.

If this looks confusing to others as well, can someone please forward this comment to right people, who could fix this in a future 'Eclipse Java EE IDE' (if its not already fixed)?

Mukul Gandhi

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