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Re: [wtp-dev] Adherance of NodeJS debugger and JSDT document model

On 03/26/2017 07:36 PM, Gorkem Ercan wrote:
@mickael how does setting breakpoints work on the Generic editor?
Not tested so far. The debugging story is not covered as part of Oxygen.0, however this question about debugging with the Node.js debugger is exactly meant to find a starting point to guide us in covering the debugging stories decently.
I need to have a deeper look, but I hope a lot of things can come for free and could be adopted without change in the generic editor -so they could be used already-, although I'm pretty sure some things will need to be changed. If not breaking, those could be considered for Oxygen.1.

I'll keep you in touch of my progress, when there's some to report ;)

Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer for Red Hat Developers
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