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Re: [wtp-dev] Declaring Build for wtp-R3.9.0-I: S-3.9.0M6-20170314000054

There is a Jetty dependency issue in WTP M6 build.


     [java] Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found.

     [java]  Software being installed: WST Server Adapters 3.2.500.v201703012025 (org.eclipse.wst.server_adapters.featur 3.2.500.v201703012025)

    [java]  Missing requirement: Jetty :: Webapp Application Support 9.4.0.v20161208 (org.eclipse.jetty.webapp 9.4.0.v2

0161208) requires 'package org.eclipse.jetty.http [9.4.0,9.4.1)' but it could not be found

     [java]  Cannot satisfy dependency:

     [java]   From: Preview Server Support 1.1.400.v201703012025 (org.eclipse.wst.server.preview 1.1.400.v201703012025)

     [java]   To: bundle org.eclipse.jetty.webapp [8.0.4,10.0.0)

     [java]  Cannot satisfy dependency:

     [java]   From: WST Server Adapters 3.2.500.v201703012025 ( 3.2


     [java]   To: org.eclipse.wst.server.preview [1.1.400.v201703012025]

     [java] Application failed, log file location: D:\Oracle\OEPE\Depot\trunk\oxygen\build\p2\configuration\148960517627


WTP M6 requires [9.4.0,9.4.1) while Platform M6 packs 9.4.1.


Why is that dependency range so narrow? Is it possible to do a respin of M6?




- Konstantin



From: The WTP Build guy
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Subject: [wtp-dev] Declaring Build for wtp-R3.9.0-I: S-3.9.0M6-20170314000054



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