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Re: [wtp-dev] Status and future outlook of the JSDT debugger (Ilya Buziuk)

From: Ilya Buziuk <ibuziuk@xxxxxxxxxx>
To: "General discussion of project-wide or architectural issues."

Hi, Ivan
Does the SDBG support V8 remote debugger protocol [1] ? Chrome Remote
Debugger Protocol / WIP protocol is used for front-end debugging, but our
main Neon requirement was Node.js debugger (V8 protocol support is
required). Chromedevtools-Java tooling support both WIP & V8  so it was a
perfect match for us.


Good point.

(1) Check here: 
Besides the Chrome WIP protocol, the Dart debugger also supported debugging of the standalone Dart VM. Whether the Dart VM debugging protocol has anything to do with the V8 debugging protocol, I honestly don't know, but I might speculate chances are high, because the Dart VM is a creation of Lars Bak, who used to lead the V8 VM... A long shot, I know...

(2) But then - even more importantly - check these:

To me it seems that in the meantime V8 got support for WIP / Chrome debugging protocol, no?

According to, the world seems to unite around the WIP protocol (with Mozilla being the notable exception):

Cheers, I.

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