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[wtp-dev] Developer Status Meeting and smoketests postponed to next week (11/17)


First, the WTP builds all started timing out two days ago. I have not yet found the reason for it. Simply put, we will not have builds to smoke test today. Second, two weeks from today is Thanksgiving, a major holiday in the United States. As such, we will not meet today, but instead will meet at the same time on 11/17, and will do the smoke tests that weekend. That adjusts our schedule to:

3.9.0 Schedule

    11/17 Normal I build declare
    12/08 WTP Oxygen M4

3.8.2 Schedule
    11/17 Normal M build declare
    12/08 Normal M build declare

Please let me know if you have any questions/comments/concerns.


- Carl Anderson
WTP Releng Project lead

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