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Re: [wtp-dev] JavaScript in Eclipse Neon

Hi Tony,

I give you just some quick idea, but never tested it:

 * generate a Tern JSON Type Definition which could be generated from your Java classes and use to consume your Tern JSON Type Definition.
 * generate a TypeScript Definition from your Java classes with tools like and consume your generated TypeScritp definition with TypeScript plugins like which extends JSDT Editor (like to provide advanced completion, etc like tern but with TypeScript tsserver (since TypeScript is able to support _javascript_ only now (Salsa))

Good luck!

Regard's Angelo

2016-11-07 21:35 GMT+01:00 Tony G <jr88tzxakn@xxxxxxxxxxx>:
I’ve been referred here from the EPP-Dev list. If there is a better place for my questions, please advise.
While a long-time developer, I’m not a developer of Eclipse tools, I work at the app level. I've taken interest in FOSS that facilitates _javascript_ plugins to be run in the JRE. I’m running the latest Eclipse Neon.1 plus Tern, and looking for the best Java + _javascript_ polyglot Code Assist available with the current technology. For example, I can't find the absolute latest answers to questions about code like this:
  How is this reference to core namespace and class annotated?
  And how and where do I define the dependencies?
var File =,
    myDir = new File('TestDir'), // should offer assistance on constructors
    myFile = new File(myDir,'FileName');
if (!myFile.exists()) { // should recognize this method
// Where do I set path references for non-core resources?
    var myClass = new;
    myClass.doSomething(myFile); // and will it offer assistance for references like this?
I believe I need to start fitting code like this with JSDoc annotations to help the parsers. Before I go on a spree to annotate everything, it would be helpful to know how to get the best code completion, type recognition, etc from unannotated code.
To facilitate that, I will be looking for a mechanism that allows for JSDoc annotation suggestions from selection of functions, variables, etc. The default (Source > Generate Element Comment) don't seem to work. Any tool recommendations?
I understand this forum is for Web Tool developers. I'm hoping for recommendations for more user-oriented questions or to work with developers toward specific issue resolution. When content assistance doesn't work for the code above, for example, I don't know whether to look for a JSDT forum, whether it's a Tern issue, one of the Tern plugins, a core Eclipse issue, etc.

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