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[wtp-dev] A reminder of bug handling conventions

Hello all,
As a reminder, when you mark a bug as Resolved Fixed, please don't forget 
to set the Target Milestone value. Almost every publicly posted reference 
to our release news eventually has someone asking for a changelog, and the 
table that's the closest thing to that from our release pages is directly 
based on the Target Milestone values. For an example, see the page.

If the correct Target Milestone (or report Version) value isn't there, you 
can create them from . Use special 
care when creating target milestones and choosing your sort keys. Check 
with your project lead if you're unsure about doing this yourself, or find 
me on the new MatterMost system ( , not yet 
tied into the main Eclipse authentication systems) and I'll walk you 
through it.,_Workflow_and_Conventions

Nitin Dahyabhai
IBM Emerging Technologies

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