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[wtp-dev] Server and JEE bugs need some love <3

Hey all:

We have a good 8 issues open with gerrit changesets set for review and merging. It'd be great if we can get some eyeballs on them again. One complicating detail though is the wst.common stuff doesn't seem to be in gerrit? 


1) Add *safe* api to allow adapters to set reasons for server state transition failures

2) New server wizard calling setDefaults() entirely too often (patch was discussed, fixed, then ignored)

3) New Server Wizard flickering for servers that don't require runtimes

4) All sorts of exceptions when using ServerUIPlugin.showNewServerWizard

5) Tomcat cannot create a new server if existing server's runtime's folder has been emptied / deleted

6) Use new Style for FilteredTree in new server wizard


7) ConcurrentModificationException in J2EEElementChangedListener.getResourceMappings

8) ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in ResourceIsLoadingAdapter.getAdapter
     - No gerrit change because, the project seems not to be on Gerrit but the fix seems trivial

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