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[wtp-dev] What about debugging with SourceMap (to debug TypeScript, CoffeScript...)

Hi JSDT guys,

Eclipse Neon provides a cool integration of Chromium to debug _javascript_.

In my case, I would like to provide support for TypeScript debugging (see and I'm studying how to do that with JSDT debugger.

I have created an issue at

My question is do you know if existing code of Chromium can support sourcemap?

I have noticed that it exists SourcePositionMapBuilder#addMapping(ResourceSection originalSection, ResourceSection vmSection, TextSectionMapping fromOriginalToVmSectionMapping).

To access it we could do ConnectedTargetData#getSourcePositionMapBuilder() where ConnectedTargetData instance is created by DebugTargetImpl inside attach method.

My need is to get this instance of ConnectedTargetData and call addMapping, but I don't know when I could do that?
 * If the existing code cannot support sourcemap, have you the intention to support it? If yes what is your RoadMap?
* If it support it (with SourcePositionMapBuilder#addMapping) could you tell me where I could call this method.

Any help are welcome! Thanks!

Regard's Angelo

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