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[wtp-dev] Attn Ms Kathy Chan and/or anyone else concerned: Congratulations for excellent tutotials

Dear Ms Chan,

I wish to congratulate you for the excellent tutorials I have found by way of introduction to Web Services development using Eclipse. Although I am familiar with servlet programming, I found it difficult at first to relate to WSs specifically.

The first tutorial was all I needed to guide me through the process, and it was in one hour a leap forward in my understanding of the technology. Also the format of the tutorial is exactly what is needed, well-structured, precise and concise. To be specific I refer to:

My only regret is that I did not see any direct link to these tutorials from the Eclipse home page. It took me some time to discover them. This seems a shortcoming that should be made good.

So again, congratulations and many thanks.

Thierry Scheurer
Formerly Lecturer in the School of Computer Science,
Manchester University, UK

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