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Re: [wtp-dev] Type analisys for JSDT


> I hear good things about the new indexer [1] but it needs to be tried
> out in JS context.
Slides look promising, I think it's worth trying to experiment with it.

> Personally, I think what TAJS can do is really powerful and unique. I
> think we can write a converter that can convert JSDT’s DOM AST to
> one that TAJS can consume for a quick solution.
I'm going to look at the possibility to use JSDT’s DOM AST as input to TAJS, I don't have enough details at the moment
to be sure, but I hope it's possible. If it fails I'll write a converter.

> I think it does make
> sense to collaborate and see if we can come up with a solution
> that scales and provides an integrated experience.
Just a reminder. I believe JSDT’s DOM AST still requires some rethinking/refactoring for getting rid of some unused
Java's legacy etc in order to be more convenient for use outside of JSDT core itself.

Eugene Melekhov

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