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[wtp-dev] JSDT Parser

Hi all,

I'd like to help JSDT and I believe that Compiler/Parser is one of the places that needs change. Does anyone works on
it? Are there any new implementation ideas?

I see that at the moment it's based on the JDT compiler code base and thus depends on jikes parser generator. Even
though using generator is OK in general it seems to me that maintaining and developing such parser is harder then
maintaining just hand-written one; especially when up-to-date open-source JS parsers are available at the moment.

I looked at the Nashorn sources and they are quite clean, readable and maintainable, though I don't have any performance
comparison results. There is no Nashorn's public parser API yet, but JEP 236 addresses this issue and it will be
available in Java 9.

What do you think of using Nashorn parser in JSDT?


Eugene Melekhov

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