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[wtp-dev] An EPP package for JS and Web

Hi all,

The number of pure front-end developers, doing only JS and Web without Java, is getting higher and higher. Other IDE provider have created IDE dedicated to those "persona" of front-end developers. I think that now JSDT is in a better shape, we should consider making Eclipse IDE more explicitly target those developers, by creating a dedicated EPP package for Front-End development.

Creating an EPP package isn't a difficult task, I would be glad to help on this topic. The main commitment with EPP packages is that someone(s) should take care of testing the milestone/release candidates and approve them promptly after they're built. Approving a package is mostly a matter of running some minimal usage scenario (that we could even automate).

Please share your thought (including +1!) there: . If we manage to get a consensus soon enough, we could imagine such a package for M6...

Mickael Istria
Eclipse developer at JBoss, by Red Hat
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